Lakeside Women

President: Elizabeth Groeger (252) 257-9258

Lakeside Women

Women in Christian Fellowship

If you are a woman, attend Lakeside Lutheran church, and are supportive of their purpose, you are a LAKESIDE WOMAN. You are most welcome to join any of the programs and activities throughout the coming year. If you have any questions, please contact any of the officers listed below.

Virginia Synodical Women’s Organization (VSWO) of the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is comprised of congregational and intercongregational units affiliated with Women of the ELCA and located with in the territory of the Virginia Synod. 

Lakeside Women Officers for 2017/2018


Board Officers

       President -- Elizabeth Groeger (252) 257-9258
       Secretary - Charlene Schindehette (252) 586-4215
       Treasurer - Linda Dusenberry (252) 257-3857


Sarah Circle Leaders:

       Leader - Elizabeth Groeger (252) 257-9258
       Recorder - Charlene Schindehette (252) 586-4215
       Treasurer - Linda Dusenberry (252) 257-3857

Lakeside Women Activities

      Sarah Circle - a gathering to further studies of the Bible.
      Docas Group - this group is taking a well deserved rest at this time.
      Women in Christian Fellowship - Bi-monthly luncheons
      Fair Trade Market 3rd Sunday September through May - sale of coffee, tea, and chocolate.
      Secret Prayer Partner Program