Men's Bible Study
Contact: Barry Munson


Men's Bible Study

The Men’s Bible Study group meets every Wednesday at 8:00 A.M. for an hour in the Choir room at Lakeside Lutheran Church.  On the third Wednesday of each month they share breakfast together before the study.  Those who want to help cook come at 7:00; breakfast is served at 7:30; study takes place, as on other Wednesdays, at 8:00.

The Discussion follows a series of questions about the passage being considered.  The passages discussed each week are from the readings for the coming Sunday’s worship service.  The study guide is made available prior to the meeting.

All are welcome to participate!  One need not be a member of Lakeside to be a part of this group. Visitors are more than welcome.  There are different levels of Bible study experience in the group.  Some have been involved in many such studies; others have never done anything of this nature before.  Whatever the case, all seem to blend and to complement each other.  Since each passage is considered independently, one need not have been at the previous session to be a part of the next.  That means you can start any time and come when you can.

In addition to the study of the Word, the group also helps to build relationships and trusts with one another.  Give it a try!  Invite someone else!

For more information contact Barry Munson. Barry can be contacted by phone at 252-586-1009 or by e-mail at

About the Word of God

The people of God are bound together, informed, nourished and supported by the Word of God. The Word is dynamic, that is, ever living. The Word has lived among God’s children in many ways.

God’s visits to the likes of Abraham and Moses

God’s call to and inspiration of the Prophets

The Word as flesh in Jesus Christ

The Word as indwelling Holy Spirit

The Word conveyed through centuries in the Scriptures

The Word proclaimed by the Church in spoken and acted forms

The Word is at the heart of the Christian Faith and it remains vital to God’s people.